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Zicam Side Effects

Zicam Side Effects: What to Know about Them?

People are concerned about the Zicam side effects that can affect their health in long term. The FDA has released Zicam warnings about the usage of this drugs, thinking that the content mainly be responsible about the side effects. Although lots of the users have said that they consumed the drugs based on the Zicam directions, they’re still suffering from the side effects. Only several people are fortunate enough not to feel anything, but most of them are suffering from the Zicam side effects.

Zicam Side Effects Zicam Side Effects

Zicam Side Effects: Knowing about Zicam and Them

Many people may not know the Zicam side effects before they consume the drugs. Zicam is a cold remedy, considered as a part in homeopathic drugs. The manufacturer of this product is the Matrixx Initiatives, Inc. Zicam mainly contained of zinc gluconate, aimed to reduce the cold symptoms. Lots of people wonder does Zicam work, since it’s considered as homeopathic remedies, which mostly people think only a part of placebo treatments and effects. In 2009, FDA recalled two of the products: the Zicam nasal swab and Zicam gel because of several complaints from the users. FDA reported about 130 complaints from the customers about the over counter drugs. Most of the complaints are about the Zicam side effects and how those effects influence their condition and health in very long term.

Zicam Side Effects

There’re many kinds of Zicam side effects caused by consuming this particular type of drugs. The most obvious complaint is about lost sense of smell after they consume the drugs. Other complaints involve burning sensation on the nasal passage and on the nose, besides nausea, stomach upset, lip swelling, breathing difficulty, or throat and mouth swelling. The loss of smell Zicam side effects depend on each person. Some person suffer this effect on very long period; sometimes even for good. Others who are lucky enough are only temporary. The bottom line is that this drug is causing serious health condition that can affect their condition. That’s why FDA is investigating whether this drug has been approved before and whether the content of the drug is safe enough. The company itself is now facing lots of law suits from unsatisfied consumers. Since the recalling of two of their main products, they’re now still producing cold remedies without using zinc gluconate. They’re making chewable products, oral spray, and lozenges. Until now, there’s no recording about Zicam side effects complaints over this new product.

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